mLab is committed to providing the best support for all of our users. From standard support benefits for all mLab accounts to specialized service for our Dedicated plan users, our team of employees and collection of automated tools are working hard behind-the-scenes and around-the-clock to keep operations running smoothly.

Standard support

We understand that you may need to contact us directly for support from time to time; our help desk is available by email for these circumstances. Other times, you may simply be looking for information about mLab or MongoDB and you may find our online resources to be helpful for this, in addition to the greater MongoDB community.

Help desk


Critical status updates and routine maintenance events are also posted on our status page.

Online resources

The documentation provided here on this site has been written to help you understand how to access and use all of mLab’s features, tools, and services. You can also visit our “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” page for some of the most commonly asked questions and answers.


Everything you need to know about mLab is available here but what about MongoDB-specific questions? Instead of duplicating the awesome resources already out there, here’s our go-to list of helpful MongoDB resources:

Premium support

All users enjoy our standard email support but for customers on our highly available Dedicated Cluster plans, we offer a 24x7 emergency contact that allows you to page on-call support staff who will respond immediately.