Shutdown of mLab’s Heroku Add-on on November 10, 2020

Announcement Date: July 10, 2020

What is happening?

mLab is shutting down its Heroku add-on on November 10, 2020.

On this date all mLab Heroku add-ons will be destroyed. You must take action (see below) before this date so that your application does not lose access to its database.

Why is mLab shutting down its Heroku add-on?

In November 2018, mLab was acquired by MongoDB Inc., the maker of MongoDB.

As part of this merger, we have been working with our users to migrate to MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB’s next-generation Database-as-a-Service and cloud data platform. Since the acquisition, the mLab team has been part of the MongoDB Atlas team, working to build an even more amazing cloud database experience for developers.

You will still be able to use Heroku with your MongoDB deployment, just not as a Heroku add-on.

What action is required? How can I keep my application running?

To preserve access to your database and avoid service interruption from your application on the shutdown date, you can follow one of the two migration options described below.

Option 1: Migrate your database to MongoDB Atlas now

The first option is that you migrate your mLab database directly to MongoDB Atlas before the shutdown date.

We have custom-built an mLab->Atlas migration tool that makes it easy to migrate mLab databases to MongoDB Atlas with minimal downtime.

Step-by-Step Guide to Migrating:

Option 2: Detach from Heroku’s add-on service now and migrate to MongoDB Atlas later

The second option is to continue using your mLab database as-is. If you have a for-pay mLab Herou add-on, you will need to provide your credit card to mLab so that you are billed by mLab instead of Heroku.

You’ll then have until January 12, 2021 to migrate your mLab database to MongoDB Atlas (see the details in Option 1).

To detach your mLab database from Heroku’s add-on service:

  1. Log in to the mLab UI.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click on the Detach from Heroku button to open a page that will guide you through the process.

This change is just a metadata change on mLab’s side, so it will have no impact on your application. After logging into mLab, you can safely visit to view details on what to expect and what you’ll need to do before you actually detach.

What happens if I do not take action?

If you do not take the necessary action before the shutdown date, your application will lose access to its database.

What if I have questions and/or concerns?

Please email the mLab team at

We recognize that it’s an inconvenience for you to have to take action, but our team at is here to help. We are committed to ensuring that you have a good experience through this process.