Version upgrades of free Sandbox databases starting July 20, 2018

Notification of scheduled maintenance

An email notification about this planned maintenance event was sent during the week of June 25, 2018 to the Technical Contact of accounts which have deployments that will be impacted by this scheduled maintenance.

Key details

On Friday, July 20 we will start a three-day maintenance window to upgrade all free Sandbox databases running MongoDB 3.4 to MongoDB 3.6. On this day, MongoDB 3.6 will also become mLab’s default release version for all new deployments.

What and when


How to avoid this maintenance window

All of our free Sandbox databases will be upgraded to MongoDB 3.4 during this scheduled window.

If our planned maintenance window on July 20 does not work well with your schedule, you can preemptively change to a Shared or Dedicated plan where we support multiple MongoDB versions (see pricing). Note that this will require a change to your connection string.

Additional questions?

Please contact us anytime at with any questions, issues, or feedback that you may have.